Tuesday, July 4

some of my favorite pics!


Disciple said...

My favourite photos are the ones with the goats.
I thought they were deer first, since I’ve never seen brown goats before.
The baby rabbit photo was my most favourite.
How is it now? Obese? Addicted to goats cream?
I hope he hasn’t started eating goats!

mystical_rose84 said...

Actually he decided to go live on his own. He made his escape after we had him for a week or so. Fortunatly he was much larger when he left than he was in the photo, and had a good deal of wholesome goat cream in him so I hope he did fine on his own. I do miss him - he was soooo cute :)

Disciple said...

Ah well.
I suppose he’s well digested by some other creature now!