Friday, May 30

Lake Tahoe

Our Crossroads central group is now up in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe and we should be over the state line by the end of the week. Yesterday the day-shift (my shift) began around 3,000 ft elevation in the morning and by evening we were up to 6,500 ft elelvation. My legs were really feeling the steep climb. A few walkers who were not used to higher altitudes became slightly light-headed but everything worked out fine and the views were amazing! For miles and miles there was nothing but pine trees on the mountains and a blue sky ... I was just soaking in the scenery the entire time. The air was so fresh and cool. The redwood trees surrounding us were very tall and thick. I have pictures but they are not uploaded yet (I will post them when I can). This weekend we will be back in Sacramento to talk after masses on Sunday (I will probably get stationed at one church and talk after all the masses). It is not my favorite part on Crossroads, but when people come up after mass so grateful for what we are doing I find my embarrasment in speaking to the Sunday mass crowd a small price to pay for the hope we bring to others. Today we recieved a package of letters from children thanking us for walking - I felt like a celebrity:-) Our group read them out loud and laughed often, especially at the funny ones. One little boy said he was amazed that we were able to run all the way across America and that he could never do that. We just busted up laughing. Us running? it is as much as we can handle just walking up those steep hills ;-) But it brought smiles to all of our faces. I also realized that I had never appreciated a spa the way I did last night. My legs and feet were sore from walking all day in the mountains and when I stepped down into the steamy spa with jets to massage those muscles I was in heaven. My fellow Crossroad walkers are amazing people and last night as we were all enjoying the spa together and talking I realized that each day that goes by I am more and more grateful for the time I have spent getting to know them.

Wednesday, May 28

Set Sail across America!


A statue near the Golden Gate Bridge

In Sacramento!

We are now in Sacramento. I am at a public library since I am on break while the next shift takes their turn. The last 4 miles through the downtown section of the city was very beautiful (my favorite being all the cute little stores). We will continue on and hopefully get into Nevada next week. Thanks for all the prayers - I am using all of them. We stoped last night at a KOA and tonight we will just camp out somewhere in the city. We spent yesterday walking through Nappa Valley - Just georgeous! I have to go back and do some wine tasting!

Saturday, May 24

CROSSROADS: Central Walk 2008 !!!

After a crazy, yet wonderful two weeks of visiting friends and travelling all across the state of California I begin the Crossroads central walk across the Golden Gate bridge tomorrow at 11am! Our group of 7 just arrived in San Francisco this evening after the long drive from San Bernadino where we had a training session at a cabin next to Lake Arrowhead. I slept for most of the drive which is why I am still up and blogging this post. We have such a wonderful group of young adults and we have had so much fun talking about our adventure and how we want to make it as memorable as possible. I will try to give updates on our trip as often as I can. Also we could use some more walkers (since some were not able to make it) so if any of you are looking for a way to spend your summer helping others, seeing our beautiful country, and getting lots of excerise come and join us! For those who are not able please pray for us!