Thursday, December 28

Special Visitors

Here is a picture I took a few days ago of one of the many large flocks of birds that can be seen often during this time of year. At the time I had finished milking one goat and was about to walk the next goat over to the milking station when I saw the flock flying over our house. So I ran into the house to get my camera as quickly as possible. The birds had landed in our central pasture and when I had come too close for their comfort they all took flight ... my camera was ready.
Today the monks came to our property on their weekly walk . We met them halfway across our 220 acres and had such a great time talking to them and answering their many questions. They especially enjoy talking to my little sister and petting our dogs. We escorted them to the end of our driveway and waved goodbye. Having them over is such a rare treat but we always look forward to when we can have them here again.

Sunday, December 24

Christmas Eve!

Staying close to Our Blessed Mother as Christmas approaches
Merry Christmas Eve!
From the Introit of today's mass:
This day ye shall know that the Lord will come,
and in the morning ye shall see his glory.

Here is more dust art for you to enjoy. I know the picture does not show much of the car but this was done on the back of our excursion. Just in case it is not obvious this is a picture of the angel appearing to the shepards to announce the glad tidings of Christ's birth. I did this piece a week or so ago and it has through natural circumstances been destroyed (rain does things like

Tuesday, December 12

New Grotto for Our Lady

Here is the new statue and grotto at our beloved CC monastery. I was very privileged to help in repairing the face of the statue with a special putty that hardened like concrete. Today Fr. Prior gave the statue a special blessing in the presence of all the monks. It was a joy to watch. I was not planning on posting during advent but this was a very special event for me (not to mention I did not like having a picture of me at the top of the blog … Our lady deserves that place). I hope you are all having a blessed advent. To all my friends who are working through finals: I have been praying for you every day!

Sunday, December 3

Our first snow fall of winter 2006!

Here are a few pictures of the first snow fall here in CC this winter. Snow is just so beautiful! I wish there was a way to capture the way it sparkles in the sunlight like so many diamonds ...
Only a week or so until we hit the one year anniversary of actually moving onto our property. I remember driving to our house that first day almost a year ago and seeing snow melting away in small patches along the road - so I guess the weather is right on schedule. We did have fun in the snow (sorry I don't have any pictures to prove) - Tom and Kateri built a snowman, Joe and Tommy had a mini snow fight, even mom had fun sharing how she loved trying to find the deepest drift of snow and make her foot print in it. As for me ... I love walking (or running where I can) through the snow and finding the most beautiful places to look at the winter landscape (and take pictures if I have my camera with me). Maybe next snowfall we will have a sled ready and I would enjoy putting that to use!