Tuesday, November 15

Just some template uploads ...

Monday, September 5

Consecration of a Child to Mary

We greet you, O Immaculata, our life, our sweetness, and our hope.
On this day of our (son's or daughter’s) Baptism, we come to you as a family, to enlist your maternal love and protection.
We are especially concerned for (child's name) formation as a child of God, a responsibility which lies heavily upon our shoulders.
Aware of our weaknesses and inabilities, we consecrate our child (child's name) to you, entrusting her to your Immaculate Heart and to your maternal and powerful protection.
You are the most tender and loving Mother, the teacher of the truth, the model of Christians, the unifying force of families, protect our child, whom God in his goodness has given us.
Defend (child's name) from evil. Make up for the defects in his formation. Grant us the grace to be faithful witnesses to our Faith.
Only in this way can we be at peace, knowing that you have placed (child's name) under your mantel until Our Lord calls (him or her) home.


Monday, July 18

Living here in beautiful SD is just short of paradise. Last night I slept outside and spent awhile just gazing at the moon before I drifted to sleep. There are so many inspirations for art around here.
I am beginning to get involved in the graphic art community here in SD. I am a member of the photoshop users group.
Great group! I am taking a printing class with Stephen Burn (president) and we are off the races learning the ins&outs of getting images from the screen the the paper.

Sunday, July 17

Hey! I now have a blogg! This is way cool!
Now I can show, talk, and have a great time sharing what I love...art!

Saturday, January 8