Thursday, August 31

The Battle of Wits

Here is a funny video which I think I must dedicate to my friends completing their study of the great books program at TAC. Enjoy!
Click here to see the video
Hat-tip to my Aunt

Also if you are looking for neat wallpaper images for your computer - here are a few from American Papist. Here is the link

Thursday, August 24

Friday, August 18

America's Got Talent, Celtic Spring, Finale show

Here is Celtic Spring again! They put on a great show and will continue to be a witness and inspiration to America even though they did not walk away with the Million Dollars. During the awards ceremony the judge asked winner Bianca Ryan if she wanted to share her million dollars ... well Celtic Spring shared alot more than a Million Dollars with America ... they shared true family happiness.

Tuesday, August 15

America's Got Talent, Celtic Spring, Irish dancing family

I did not think I would ever need to use YouTube but this is an exception. Here is a better video to view than the link in my last post. This is really an awesome family - It is so great to see the young of America saying a loud NO! to those who wish to put fame and fortune before the family.

Monday, August 14

Celtic Spring
Yesterday I was talking to my friend who mentioned seeing Celtic Spring on the show ‘America’s got Talent’. Then I found a link on Ria's Blog to a video of their performance. I met Elizabeth (the oldest dancer) at Thomas Aquinas College - she is a beautiful and sweet girl. Celtic Spring preformed at a fundraiser last year for our Monastery when we were visiting CC before we moved. We did not attend the event, but I wished I had when I found out later that Celtic Spring had preformed. I am not sure when the final for the show is but I hope they win ... that would be quite a message for a country that needs the strength of family values so much right now.
Here is the link to see the video of their preformance
Wikapedia has an explanation of 'America's Got Talent'

Saturday, August 12

Here is an art piece that is underway. It is for an auction to raise money for our monastery. The sketch shows a priest here in CC during the part of the mass where he says "Ecce Agnus Dei" (Behold the Lamb of God). I want to picture that amazing part of the mass as if you could see with supernatural eyes.

Wednesday, August 2

We have begun our herd of Boer goats! Though it may look like my little sis is only hearding 7 goats, there are actually 21 in this photo. How is this possible you may ask? Well, I will tell you (since I am too nice to keep people guessing). We have 7 females who are all expecting two kids sometime in October. So you can imagine we will be a little busy then (we should have lots of great photos). From the picture you may notice that some of the goats have horns and some do not. The ones without horns are able to reach through the fence and eat the grass on the other side (there really is something to the saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side'), while the ones with horns usually get their horns stuck when they try the same maneuver. The hope is that the goats with horns will not make the attempt when the grass is no longer be available after their hornless comrades have had their fill.

(One quick modification : my Dad said that the these boer goat probably have two or three babies each. The very rare goat that gives birth to only one kid will not be bred the following season.)

Tuesday, August 1

I can't get over how cute these puppies are!