Thursday, January 21

Parish Christmas Decorations

I had said that I would try to post a picture from the Christmas decorations that the youth put together for the Christmas day mass in Clear Creek --- and here it is. I guess it is better late than never (lol). A friend and I made the wreaths from cedar branches on our property, and some of the girls sewed the tapestry behind out lady and the center crucifix. I wish we had a picture of the suspended candle holders that lined either side of the church -- it really added an extra touch. It was very special to be able work with friends to prepare the church for the Christ child. Picture credit goes to a fellow Clear Creek friend :-)

Wednesday, January 13

Tulsa March For Life

Abortion was legalized in the United States 37 years ago this month. Since then over 50 million babies have lost their lives to abortion. Pray for an end to abortion and join Most Rev. Bishop Edward J. Slattery who will celebrate the Mass for Life at Holy Family Cathedral at 5:00pm on January 22, 2010. After Mass join Bishop Edward J. Slattery and participate in the 1st Tulsa March for Life. The March starts at Holy Family Cathedral and ends at 6th & Boston at the new Chapman Centennial Green where a rally will take place. A rally will be held approximately 30 minutes long with three speakers. Dr. Kevin Donovan will speak on when life begins, Cynthia Carney will share her testimony of having an abortion and Dr. McCutchens from Mount Zion Baptist Church will speak how abortion has impacted the black community.

I am enclosing a pdf file of the 'official' poster for our first-ever Tulsa March for Life. Please feel free to download and print out a many copies as you need to:

post this weekend around your church campus

ask people to bring one home

ask volunteers to post them in coffee shops, food stores, and other community bulletin boards.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or go to our blog at Thank you for your time.

For Life,

Tracy Callicoat

Diocese of Tulsa

Family Life, Pro-Life and Natural Family Planning


Sunday, January 10

Mes Aïeux - Dégénération (English Subtitles)

Here is the link for a good 'back to the basics' song. It is in Canadian French with English subtitles.

Here are the lyrics:

Mes Aïeux
Album : Tire-Toi Une Bûche

Ton arrière-arrière-grand-père, il a défriché la terre
Ton arrière-grand-père, il a labouré la terre
Et pis ton grand-père a rentabilisé la terre
Pis ton père, il l’a vendue pour devenir fonctionnaire

Et pis toi, mon p’tit gars, tu l’sais pus c’que tu vas faire
Dans ton p’tit trois et demi bien trop cher, frette en hiver
Il te vient des envies de devenir propriétaire
Et tu rêves la nuit d’avoir ton petit lopin de terre

Ton arrière-arrière-grand-mère, elle a eu quatorze enfants
Ton arrière-grand-mère en a eu quasiment autant
Et pis ta grand-mère en a eu trois c’tait suffisant
Pis ta mère en voulait pas ; toi t’étais un accident

Et pis toi, ma p’tite fille, tu changes de partenaire tout l’temps
Quand tu fais des conneries, tu t’en sauves en avortant
Mais y’a des matins, tu te réveilles en pleurant
Quand tu rêves la nuit d’une grande table entourée d’enfants

Ton arrière-arrière-grand-père a vécu la grosse misère
Ton arrière-grand-père, il ramassait les cennes noires
Et pis ton grand-père – miracle ! – est devenu millionnaire
Ton père en a hérité, il l’a tout mis dans ses RÉERs

Et pis toi, p’tite jeunesse, tu dois ton cul au ministère
Pas moyen d’avoir un prêt dans une institution bancaire
Pour calmer tes envies de hold-uper la caissière
Tu lis des livres qui parlent de simplicité volontaire

Tes arrière-arrière-grands-parents, ils savaient comment fêter
Tes arrière-grands-parents, ça swignait fort dans les veillées
Pis tes grands-parents ont connu l’époque yé-yé
Tes parents, c’tait les discos ; c’est là qu’ils se sont rencontrés

Et pis toi, mon ami, qu’est-ce que tu fais de ta soirée ?
Éteins donc ta tivi ; faut pas rester encabané
Heureusement que dans’ vie certaines choses refusent de changer
Enfile tes plus beaux habits car nous allons ce soir danser…

Thursday, January 7

Ars Gratis Artis or Ars Gratis Hominis?

by Thomas Storck

My friend sent me a link to this article on art and culture.
I found it very intriguing. Enjoy!
Entire Article:

Some highlights from the article:

The fact that objects originally intended for use, in this case to accompany worship, are now in museums instead of in churches is a significant fact that reveals something of the great cultural changes that the West has undergone in the past three centuries. For our civilization has taken art out of life and placed it in special institutions, such as museums or concert halls, to be viewed or listened to at special times, away from our normal lives.

Now at the same time that artists were growing apart from the rest of society, the rest of society was being robbed of its best art. Much of the great religious art was carted off to museums, and few contemporary composers wrote liturgical music really suitable for use in church. Of course this did not mean that there was no music or art in churches, simply that what there was too often not of a caliber to lift anyone's soul to God.

The average person does not visit art museums or listen to classical music, but his average ancestor of our Western culture worshipped in churches containing the best art in the world and heard the best music, whether it was simple plainchant or the complexities of the Baroque. In some degree, the average modern man has been taught to regard good art and music as alien to him.

The remedy instead lies in all of us submitting to the yoke of Christ, in cultural as in all other matters, and being willing to jettison both the sophisticated pornography of the elite as well as the false sentimentality of the masses. Only in this way can our culture be unified and the social reign of Jesus Christ the King commence once more.