Monday, July 31

‘Caelo’ et ‘Terra’
…Or to be more descriptive ‘cotton ball’ and ‘cotton candy’. The newest, and fuzziest additions to the Lawless Ranch, Caelo and Terra (Latin for heaven and earth), arrived yesterday and are fast becoming acquainted with the farm and family. Though they look like they came from a fluffy teddy bear shop don’t let them fool you - Pyrenees are tough guardians and as a team (male and female) they will keep out predators. Even though they are sooooo sweet and cuddly we will put them out in the pasture ASAP where they will stay 24/7 with the Boer goats we are buying tomorrow. The Pyrenees must grow up with the animals as first family. They will grow to be around 100 lbs and look like large friendly polar bears (to intruders they will look like the snow monster). The goats and chickens are still a little wary of the outgoing and friendly puppies ... maybe they can sense the destiny of these little furballs.


Ria said...

They are soooooooooooooo adorable!

Matthew said...

Awesome! I love pyrenees. I'll never forget when I first saw Br. Joseph's out among the sheep. =)

Disciple said...

Posts like that keep my attention for ages. That’s very fascinating how the puppies will protest the goats.
I hope you don’t mind but I have saved some of your photos and put them with my own.
Already this year, I have taken just under 900 photos but none are as interesting or amusing as your farm photos.
Don’t forget to tell us about the new goats when they arrive!

frm and zoo said...

hi puppy

frm and zoo said...

hi white puppy