Tuesday, October 31

First of many to come

Here is the proud momma of our first three baby Boer goats. There are many more to come since we have (let's see 1,2, .... I think about 19) goats who are all expecting between 1-3 kids. These three kids were born yesterday sometime in the afternoon. They are soooo cute! The Pyrenese puppies so badly want to play with them but they will have to wait a little while.

Monday, October 30

Renew your prayers for an end to abortion!

The Novena for Life for upcoming Elections begins today. - From my Aunt over at Studeo

This year's election offers another opportunity to further the Culture of Life. Please join us in praying a novena for the victory of the Culture of Life at all levels in the upcoming elections, and in the Supreme Court decision on the federal Partial-Birth Abortion ban (hearing scheduled for Nov 8).

The suggested prayer is the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, but feel free to substitute the Rosary, daily Mass, or another prayer of your choice. The novena begins on Monday, October 30, and ends election day, November 7, 2006.

Pro-life Video: To those who choose to abort because of serious birth defects or problems - you don't know what you are missing. Hat-tip Dawn Patrol

Rachel's Story
Video sent by voteyesforlife

We should also continue to thank God for those who are fighting for life

Here are two amazing articles about Gianna, a woman who actually survived an abortion:

You have no right to live
Testimony of Gianna Jessen

Sunday, October 29

Solemn Profession - A life dedicated only to God

Yesterday Br. Morey made his solemn profession in the crypt of the future church. The Abbot from Fontgombault and the Bishop were both present. I was able to spend some time with Br. Morey's wonderful family who flew out from the west coast for the event - though we don't spend much time with the monks (after all they are cloistered) you can really tell alot about them when you meet their families. Enjoy the pictures ... though pictures really cannot capture how totally amazing and special it was:

Here's more about CC Monastery

Thursday, October 26

Flickr Poster

Why the country?
Well here are a few visual reasons you might enjoy.
Don't worry - River does get attention too.
Close-up: calves checking out the camera
It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas - it is Fall!

Saturday, October 21

Anybody want a chicken?

When we lived back in California we ate meat like anyone would … steak for dinner, chicken sandwiches for lunch, the list goes on. But when we moved out here to the country we talked about raising our own meat. As a girl (and I believe most girls would support me on this one) the idea of slaughtering animals is not very appealing … would it not be so much better to buy a nice neat package from the shelf? Though many would probably answer yes now I would say no. This brings me to the point.


-You are either a vegetarian and don’t meat
-Or you eat meat that was raised by a factory somewhere
-Or you raise and slaughter your own meat

Well we opted for raising our own meat and then we spent two days processing all of the 160 birds. We made it into a whole event – several of the families in the area came to help out and everyone went home with a few chickens for their labor. It was not a serious event by any stretch of the word, in fact it was a great time to work together as a community - to create a bond - and to actually have fun being together … even amidst the dismal task at hand. We had both boys and girls helping out … in fact the teens in the group ran the whole thing. Though I was not actually involved in the processing I spent most of the time cooking in the kitchen, carrying big tubs of hot chocolate, and passing out warm jackets (it was very cold) and helping to package the meat at the end (I had the best job in my opinion). Some of the girls were naturally not all that thrilled about helping to slaughter chickens, however after they watched the meatrix, they felt much better about the whole process. It was a long two days. But when it was all over everyone was so excited – they all just started playing games in our big field and then came inside for a pizza party. In all it was a long two day party even while processing chickens.

Is there anything else in here?

yuck! yuck! yuck!

Ooooh - so that's how the feather plucker works

Get on your gloves because Drew is ready to rock'n'roll

Don't worry Michaela, I won't get myself stuck in the scalder

See - this is how you gut a chicken

Chicken Fight!


Thursday, October 12

Pope rumored to be releasing Motu Proprio permission for Tridentine Rite celebration

Procession before High Mass here in CC
For those not familiar with the Tridentine mass here is a quick summary:

"The Tridentine rite is currently available to groups of Catholics who ask and receive permission for its use from their local bishops. The old rite is celebrated in Latin and follows the Roman Missal of 1962, which was replaced in 1969 with the new Roman Missal." -From Catholic News Service (see Amy Welborn's Post)
*Note: This is the case for us here in CC.
The Rumor is that The new indult would permit any priest to introduce the Tridentine Mass to his church, anywhere in the world, unless his bishop has explicitly forbidden it in writing. - See Jimmy Akin's Blog
Open book - Amy Welborn and her post on the topic
Jimmy Akin also has more on the subject

This would be a big step for the Catholic Church in the modern world. A little more sense of the sacred would be a step in the right direction for our culture. I had never experienced a latin mass before our move out to CC, but now that we have the tridentine mass it is so hard to go back ... the old latin mass is just so beautiful. Even though at first it was difficult to follow the latin, with a little patience and persistence in following along with the missal, it is now very easy to understand, and even to know how to respond in the latin. Looking ahead - this would also be a very big step towards bringing SSPX back into the Catholic Church.

Wednesday, October 11

Create your custom online radio station

It is called Pandora. I have already created several stations ... in only a few minutes =)
It's free and easy to use.

They do ask for a basic registration with your email, zip code, and one other thing I can't remember right now (just be sure to uncheck the checked box to recieve updates)

Tuesday, October 10

The auction is on!

The auction for the monks of Clear Creek is now in progress. If you would like to see my art piece click here. Please pray for the success of the monastery and their new building project.