Monday, July 31

‘Caelo’ et ‘Terra’
…Or to be more descriptive ‘cotton ball’ and ‘cotton candy’. The newest, and fuzziest additions to the Lawless Ranch, Caelo and Terra (Latin for heaven and earth), arrived yesterday and are fast becoming acquainted with the farm and family. Though they look like they came from a fluffy teddy bear shop don’t let them fool you - Pyrenees are tough guardians and as a team (male and female) they will keep out predators. Even though they are sooooo sweet and cuddly we will put them out in the pasture ASAP where they will stay 24/7 with the Boer goats we are buying tomorrow. The Pyrenees must grow up with the animals as first family. They will grow to be around 100 lbs and look like large friendly polar bears (to intruders they will look like the snow monster). The goats and chickens are still a little wary of the outgoing and friendly puppies ... maybe they can sense the destiny of these little furballs.

Monday, July 17

Olivia Hussey's "Mother Teresa"
I was browsing the American Papist Blog and saw this new movie on Mother Theresa. I look forward to seeing it. Read more from Ignatius Insight Scoop

Click here to see movie trailer

Thursday, July 13

Many of you may have heard of Regina Doman - she is a famous catholic author and a friend of my Aunt Alicia who says in her blog:
"Please pray for my friend and beloved Catholic author Regina Doman, her husband Andrew (our long time web hosting provider at love2learn) and their family. Their four year old son Joshua Michael died in a car accident yesterday. "
This sad incident happened July 8th.
I wanted to show this photomerge that I did in Joshua's honor and I sent to his mother.
Please Pray for their family.
Read more about Joshua and see the picture I used in the above image.
Read Joshua's Eulogy by his mother

Monday, July 10

My good friend John Cunningham (many of you probably know him) along with several Thomas Aquinas College students are spending their summer in D.C. hosting a nationwide carwash known as WASH FOR LIFE 2006. The money raised will go to local pregnancy clinics. This is such a cool way to send a message and help save lives ... besides we all want a day to cool off with hoses and spray friends with water, right? Please spread the word through the blog'o'sphere ...
Check out their Website and their Blog.

Saturday, July 8

A morning spent with beautiful horses is a beautiful morning indeed. Along with my little brother and sister, I spent the morning learning how to handle draft horses … we worked on moving logs and driving in wagons and small carriages. The event was put on by Oklahoma Draft Horse and Mule Association
(the website is not the best). We met a lot of knowledgeable and friendly people, and we are beginning to think about the idea of using horses on the farm instead of buying a new fangled tractor.
See more pics on flikr

Thursday, July 6

Where I am from:

I am from an art easel with paint, pastel and charcoal, from mason jars filled with grains, home-made grape-nuts, and the fresh smell of dad’s morning coffee.

I am from beautiful pastures, green trees and dirt roads, from sounds of goats, and chickens calling for breakfast.

I am from cilantro and basil; from beautiful mountains and sunsets on the ocean.

I am from road-trips to see family, friends, and places, and staying up the whole night before in anticipation.

I am from quiet evenings outside under the stars, and inside sounds of chaos and kids dividing the last of the cookies, from family rosary with sleeping children and piggy-backs to bed.

From special window messages to a friend, and shared dreams and schemes whispered after “lights out girls”.

I am from the beautiful Catholic Tradition passed to me through my parents, the Church, and all the saints, from our Dear Lord who visits me daily in the Eucharist.

I am from the backcountry of San Francisco, an Island of Canada, and Ireland, from Spaghetti and Banana splits.

I am from a Granddad who used white wine and coffee as car coolant out of desperation when the engine overheated on the way to my parents wedding, and an uncle who cooked gourmet meals on-the-go for the whole crew in the loaded van.

I am from home-videos stashed in the boxcar, tons of slideshows on the computer, and dusty photo albums in the workshop waiting to be opened.

Wednesday, July 5

Under construction on my desk are the beginnings of a pastel piece based on a work by William Bouguereau (probably my favorite artist) of the Madona and Child with St. John the baptist. It still has a long way to go ….
Our friends have a great devotion to St. John, I really like the original by W.B., and I needed something to work on before I attempt a more important project.
I love the symbolism of Christ’s arms outstretched and St. John’s devotion. And any picture with our Lady well portrayed is a favorite of mine.

Tuesday, July 4

some of my favorite pics!