Monday, July 17

Olivia Hussey's "Mother Teresa"
I was browsing the American Papist Blog and saw this new movie on Mother Theresa. I look forward to seeing it. Read more from Ignatius Insight Scoop

Click here to see movie trailer


Femme Fascinante said...

Hey, Michaela! That movie looks great...I'd like to see it.

Are we still on for next Sunday or Monday evening (is it Monday??)?

mystical_rose84 said...

I think it will work ... however I am suffering *...oooh the pain and agony* from a bad case of poison ivy which I hope I can overcome by then. I will check with our red-head co-conspirator to see if she is onboard. Sunday or Monday is yet to be determined :)

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Disciple said...

We need more echoes!