Monday, August 27

28 August 2007 lunar eclipse

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A total lunar eclipse will take place on August 28, 2007, the second of two lunar eclipses to occur in 2007. The Moon is expected to enter the Earth's penumbra at 07:53:39 UTC. The first partial phase will begin in earnest at 08:51:16 UTC when the Moon enters the Earth's umbra.
The total phase is expected to begin at 09:52:22 UTC and end at 11:22:24 UTC-- a length of 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 2 seconds. This is a typical duration for such an event.
Oklahoma is UTC-7 time zone (so the eclipse should begin at 2:52 am - that is if I am understanding the UTC times conversion)
Here is a cool video clip from earlier this year:

Tuesday, August 21

Guess who?

Ria, my cousin, posted this old family photo of me holding her when she was just a wee littl' baby - I think it such a cute picture and it brings back beautiful memories. Had to share this one!

Friday, August 17

Prayer Request

Please pray for the Zaplatol family who is still searching for their missing 9 year-old son, Michael, after he was swept away by the Kansas river. They are good friends to many in our local community and a very sweet family. Here are some quick articles I found on google. I will post any new information as I recieve it. Thank you.

Search continues for 9-year-old swept up in Kansas River’s current

Church Family Mourns Michael Zapletal (videos included in this article)

Tuesday, August 7

So funny!

I found this video awhile ago on youtube but then it was discontinued ... well now, courtesy of americanpapist, I have found it again! Enjoy!

Friday, August 3

Colors in Clear Creek

Picture taken from the creek that flows by the Monastery
(photo credit goes to my friend Matt R.)

Bales of Hay

A picture of bales taken by my Aunt. To see more of her photo's check our her Flickr site :