Saturday, February 21

Earthen Oven

I found a great site for the construction of a cob/earthen oven. The image above is one of many from this site which has fairly detailed information:
As soon as the weather warms up a bit I hope to build one very similar to this with my sister. I think every family would benefit from having one in the backyard. One of these would have been very useful when we had the ice storm a few year back and lost electricity for 2 weeks (I cooked most things on our barbecue). You can cook bread, pizza (yum!) and almost anything you would cook in a regular oven. The way it works: You build a fire in the cavity and once very hot the fire is put out (and removed) -- the cob keeps the heat and cooks the food which is put in the oven after the coals are removed and then the door is closed to keep the heat in (door is not shown in the picture above).
There are so many variations of the cob oven but this is the design I like the most.
Here is a more elaborate cob oven
and another cob oven

Wednesday, February 11

Letter from Fr. Berg to Regnum Christi

Though this is a very difficult and sad situation I am so grateful to God that healing can now begin out in the daylight where before the infection of sin was being allowed to grow in hiding and denial. Here is the letter.

Thursday, February 5

A song from the soul

Danielle Rose, a catholic vocal artist, sings a farewell song at her last concert. A friend introduced me to this video and I was impressed and inspired by her song and the heart and soul that she put into it. She recently joined a religious order. See

Here is the youtube of her song "See you in the Eucharist"

Tuesday, February 3

Artists and Sculptors

List of Artists!  I was very excited to find this list and wanted to share the joy!  I am going to have such a blast exploring.