Saturday, June 28

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I am posting on this official Crossroads Blog and here is the most recent post which I actually did quite awhile ago:

Crossroads group shot in the Rocky Mountains


High in the Rocky Mountains

Monday, June 23

Life on the Rock : Crossroads Interview

Catch-up time ...

In Salt Lake City Utah I was able to meet up with my dad who was on a business trip. He met me at mass and then took me out to eat at a beautiful place overlooking the whole of dowtown of Salt Lake City with aview of the snow-capped mountains behind. It was there that I told him that I was being flown out to Birmingham AL later that week for an interview with EWTN's 'Life on the Rock. He was very jazzed about that, but even more we both had a wonderful time being together after so long and catching up on what was happening both on Crossroads and back at the Lawless Ranch. We hit the road monday morning and headed into the mountains. That evening we got lost on a dirt road in the mountains but then eventually found our way back to the RV. Wednesday night our walk leader dropped my fellow walker Catie and I at a hotel in Denver and the next morning I took the shuttle to the airport and flew to Alabama. It was so neat to see EWTN's studio and meet the whole crew. The interview went very well and our hosts made us feel very at home and comfortable. Hopefully this link will work so you can see the Crossroads interview. Enjoy!:

Life on the Rock

Wednesday, June 11

Pro-Life Rosary


Last Saturday our Crossroads group along with a whole crowd from Reno prayed the rosary together outside of an abortion clinic. We were really 'together' since we were all praying on the same rosary. You can sort of see the rosary in the picture above - in the bottom, center you can see one of the large wooden beads (it is about the size of a soft-ball) and the man on the far right is holding the crucifix at the end of the rosary. What a wonderful idea and an amazing symbol of our unity as we beseech our Blessed Mother for her intersession in the battle against the culture of death!


Monday, June 9

Central Pro-Life Team

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Left to right: Jeff, Carlos, Matthew, Anne, John, Katie, Trish, and me.

Friday, June 6


Our team made it through the Sierra Nevada mountains by the end of last week and then drove back into Sacramento for the weekend. After being cramped all week in an RV with eight other people I found it particularly nice to stay the weekend at Rose of Lima parish. We were given use of one of the buildings next to the church which used to be an orphanage. All the girls camped in the larger of several rooms on the second floor which boasted a beautiful set of stained glass windows. Saturday night I opened one of the windows to check out an accident across the street - A car had crashed into the thrift store and the whole street was full of fire-engines and police cars.

Saturday morning we prayed for about an hour outside a nearby Planned Parenthood clinic. It is hard to describe the intensity of standing in one place, praying near a building where babies are murdered - and that is what it is and you almost feel you can see through the bricks to what is going on inside. It is so different for me than when I just prayed at home for an end to abortion.

Sunday I was stationed at St. Stephen's Fraternity Parish in Sacramento to share with the parishoners what we are doing on Crossroads. It had been quite awhile since I had been to a Tridentine mass and what a beautiful mass it was! I realized how much I had missed it. I met many wonderful families that reminded me even more how much I miss my family too.

Monday we were on the road again and we have spent this whole past week walking across the Nevada desert. I was stationed on night crew and so the whole week was spent in peaceful darkness out under the stars. Well at least the last few nights were. The first night the clouds covered everything in complete darkness and it was rather depressing but the next several nights made up for it. There is nothing to compare to praying the rosary while walking down a dessert road at night without another living thing (besides your walking companion and the support vehicle a few miles ahead) for hundreds of miles around, underneath a glorious night sky with no other lights to diminish the brightness of the stars of the Milky Way. The stars formed what looked like a cloud stretching from one end of the night sky to the other like a rainbow. It was amazing to say the least. As of this morning we had made it just outside of Eureka NV (about half-way across the state). And now we are back in Reno for the weekend. Tomorrow we will pray outside of the abortion clinic and Sunday we will speak after several masses.

Please keep us in your prayers.