Saturday, February 10


Mr. Robinson's condition seems to be stabilizing a little. Miraculously he is able to communicate a little with his family. I spent time today with the Robinson family in the hospital and was really amazed at how well they are doing. There is a lot of prayer traveling to heaven for Mr. Robinson ... all the monks are praying for him, the community at FSP seminary in Nebraska are keeping him in prayer, and he has all 13 children and his wife waiting and praying outside his door - wow! I hope I get that much prayer if I get that sick! Please continue your prayers.


clairity said...

Mr. Robinson has been very much in my prayers. Thanks for letting us know. Love, Sharon

Kelly said...

Thanks for the update! I've been praying and thinking about them.

Anonymous said...

Thank God Mr.Robinson is doing better. He's in my prayers. Adam