Tuesday, February 20

Lent 2007

Here are some links you may find helpful for your Lenten journey toward Easter:


Lenten reflections on EWTN

No Mass was said on the High Altar this morning during Low Mass since the Blessed Sacrament was exposed in keeping with the Forty Hours Devotion. The monks take turns praying before the Blessed Sacrament during the 40 hours ... I think it is their prayers and the prayers being said all over the world in this devotion that stays the hand of Justice from sweeping over us this day when so much sin is commited. Here is a brief explanation of this devotion I thought you might find interesting:

“Most Americans know when it is Mardi Gras because there is a huge celebration
of this day in New Orleans. A similarly famous (or infamous) Mardi Gras festival
takes place in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. These events are unfortunately best known
for their debauchery and are cut off from their roots as part of preparation to
begin Lent. In response to these abuses, which are by no means unique to the
Americas in this century, the Catholic tradition of the Forty Hours Devotion
developed. In the 18th century, Pope Benedict XIV asked the faithful to
participate in Eucharistic adoration to atone for the excesses committed during
Carnival. This devotion, which was brought to the United States by St. John
Neumann, begins at 8 am Monday and involves exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
followed by Benediction.”

From Celebrating the Faith in the Home –
The Forty Days of Lent for the Christian Family by Teresa Zepeda with Laurie
Navar Gill.

FYI: Here is the complete text for the Latin Mass.
Text of the Traditional Latin Mass


Disciple said...

An interesting and informative post.

For Lent, I think you should post every day!

Kelly B said...

I agree with disciple.