Saturday, February 17

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I think I really aught to do at least a quick post. Here are a few combined but important tidbits that I would like to share for any interested.

One of the most important Christmas presents we received this year was a subscription to two of the most awesome magazines for those want to live the self-sufficient life or who want to know what it is all about. We have already devoured our first issues of the magazines and we have a great time talking over the ideas and concepts in the articles. Here are the links for any interested:
Countryside Magazine
Stockman Grass Farmer

A very important point to share would have to be James Herriot's “All Creatures Great and Small”. I cannot say how much I enjoyed reading this book and how much it has helped me to mentally handle the constant animal health situations that come up. Some of you may have heard about one of our goats who was having difficulty birthing during one of the nights of the ice storm. Dad woke me around 3 am to come and help the mother who had already been laboring for too long. We went armed with a flashlight and I very fortunately with a few chapter of James Herriot’s book. When I knelt behind the goat and saw the small nose just sticking out I knew what I needed to do. I asked dad for the warm water and soap and washed down my arms and then began to feel out the problem. It was a strange sight. A nose and three legs all trying to come out at once … and it was obviously not working. I knew that there were 2 kids inside and I began to feel which leg belonged to the little nose. I was very afraid that the baby would be dead since it had been so long in waiting to come out but the baby began to bleat quite well and it helped me on. After I thought I had found the right legs I began to pull and nothing happened. I felt around again and was perplexed. It went on for some time … the baby was not coming. I sat back and began to think … I thought over the stories from James Herriot’s book and tried to pretend to be him and think the way he did when something was not working right. I had an idea and after feeling around a little more I found what I was looking for. Only one of the legs that was showing itself belonged to the little nose while the other two legs belonged to the baby still inside. Once I realized this, it was not long before the baby slid out very easily. It was beautiful to see and the baby was very healthy. The next morning we went to check on the mom again and she had not delivered the 2nd baby because she was too exhausted. So I washed my arms again with soap and water, reached inside and gently slid the 2nd healthy little kid out into the light. The kids are doing great and the mom has also recovered very well. God sends us what we need to accomplish his will and for me that was James Herriot’s book “All Creatures Great and Small”. I would not have had the courage to even attempt what I did without those few chapters under my belt. I have finished the first book and am about to begin the sequel “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. I would highly recommend these books to anyone who already cares for large animals or for anyone who wants to know what it might be like to care for them. I would also say it is meant for an older audience.

A more minor note: My computer had been running very slow recently because of some nasty virus and so I finally brought it into a shop in town. I should have my computer back sometime early next week which will be very nice. It is very handy in times like these to have multiple computers in the house.

For your prayers: Mr. Robinson is doing very well and seems to be on his way to recovery. I don't have more details but when I do I will share them. The family is very grateful for all the prayers they have recieved.
If you could also keep the 2 women who were shot in Kenya this past Janurary in your prayers. My cousin and friends who are at TAC are friends of the students who are relatives of these women. One of the women was their mother and the other their Grandmother. It is very sad.
Here is the story from USA Today.

As much as I love to watch the snow and be by the warm fire I really am looking forward to the spring. I have planted some irises and daffodils and am keeping a watch for when they bloom. I am also looking forward to planting our garden.


Kelly B said...

What an awesome birthing story. Wow, Michaela! If that doesn't make you an official "county girl," I don't know what does! I'm going to get that book ASAP.

Hurin16 said...

dang MK! you are too amazing... I could never do that birthing kid thingy...


arlawless said...

What an awesome story, Michaela. You must be so proud of yourself and feel a huge sense of accomplishment! I don't think I would've had your courage if I were in the same situation.

I LOVE James Herriot. I have a couple of his books, but haven't read any of them all the way through. That's not because of the books themselves, but because I am terrible when it comes to committing to a book. I very rarely read a book from beginning to end. (This is something I would love to change about myself!)

I actually have his Dog Stories on my nightstand right now. I like to read through a story every now and then. (They're short.)

He even has a compilation of children's stories. Come to think of it, I should really pick one up for my Em! :-)

I'm glad to hear Mr. Robinson's on the mend. I'll say some prayers for the ladies' families. How awful and tragic.

Aunt Molly

Disciple said...

That’s an amazing story.
It must be great to hear the bleating and see the movement of a new born kid after so much effort.

I remember the TV series All Creatures Great and Small when I was small and great, and thinking that if I hadn’t a vocation, I would like to be a vet. Too bad James Herriot didn’t convince me just a little bit more and I might have saved myself a lot of hassle!! Must find out where the books went.