Monday, December 12

My little brother is married!

My brother and his new bride ....
They are making their honeymoon in Europe now and I look forward to their return here as our new neighbors.


I was reminded of so many good memories from our wedding just earlier this year in April. Here we are with the Best Man and Maid of Honor.

Baby is due at the beginning of February! Please keep us all in your prayers.


Mariana said...

Beautiful! Congrats to all!

Tommy said...

I can't believe Joey is married...

P.S. You should definitely post more MK, it'd be nice to know how things are going at Vita Bella Ranch.

Hey there! said...

That was SUCH a beautiful wedding! And the whole visit down there was such a lovely experience! I hope we can come back again someday, but in the meanwhile, it's sure nice to see an update from you!! Keep it up! :)