Thursday, January 7

Ars Gratis Artis or Ars Gratis Hominis?

by Thomas Storck

My friend sent me a link to this article on art and culture.
I found it very intriguing. Enjoy!
Entire Article:

Some highlights from the article:

The fact that objects originally intended for use, in this case to accompany worship, are now in museums instead of in churches is a significant fact that reveals something of the great cultural changes that the West has undergone in the past three centuries. For our civilization has taken art out of life and placed it in special institutions, such as museums or concert halls, to be viewed or listened to at special times, away from our normal lives.

Now at the same time that artists were growing apart from the rest of society, the rest of society was being robbed of its best art. Much of the great religious art was carted off to museums, and few contemporary composers wrote liturgical music really suitable for use in church. Of course this did not mean that there was no music or art in churches, simply that what there was too often not of a caliber to lift anyone's soul to God.

The average person does not visit art museums or listen to classical music, but his average ancestor of our Western culture worshipped in churches containing the best art in the world and heard the best music, whether it was simple plainchant or the complexities of the Baroque. In some degree, the average modern man has been taught to regard good art and music as alien to him.

The remedy instead lies in all of us submitting to the yoke of Christ, in cultural as in all other matters, and being willing to jettison both the sophisticated pornography of the elite as well as the false sentimentality of the masses. Only in this way can our culture be unified and the social reign of Jesus Christ the King commence once more.

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