Tuesday, December 1

Returning to America - leaving France

Well, my time in France is now drawing to a close ... it is sad to leave such a charming, quaint country full of so much tradition and history. A part of my heart will stay here (I am sure) and I will take back with me many beautiful memories and stories that I will keep with me forever. Au revoir France!


arlawless said...

Aw, Michaela! When do you go home? It must be bittersweet to close out this chapter in your life.

I am so embarrassed... I owe you an e-mail! You sent me a lovely birthday e-mail back in September (thank you for remembering! You're so sweet!), and I never replied. Same old story -- I meant to, but got distracted and then... ugh. It never happened. :-( I'm so sorry! Like I said, I owe you one. :-)

Your mom and dad and sibs must be so excited to be getting their beloved daughter and sister back. I'm happy that you're now able to go home. Home is where the heart is, after all!

Much love & many hugs,

Shelle Belle said...

Hey, Michaela!

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a marvelous one. Can't wait to see you at Christmastime!


Marina said...

Happy Birthday Michaela! Has it really been a year already? That seems hardly possible, but I guess it has been. Have a safe trip! ttyl