Friday, September 4

A safe return to Versailles

Thank you for all the prayers being said for my safe travels. I made it back to Versailles without much incident - which was a suprise compared with my other recent travel experiences. My brother drove me to the Dallas airport with plenty of time to get through security. I flew with Lufthansa since my past experience with United was very difficult. I arrived in Frankfurt and had a 2 hour wait for my plane to Paris. I landed in Paris safetly and then began the long process of getting from the airport to versailles ... nothing went wrong but everything took as long it seems as was possible. I waited at the baggage claim for nearly 30 min. Then after crossing to the other side of the airport I had to wait another 30 min in a line to buy a train ticket (I could have bought it at the machine if I'd have had some pocket change). Then the train had a 30 min delay at one of the stops - I can't say why because I could not understand what was being said over the speakers. In those sort of situations I just observe the other people and usually go along with the flow. I transfered from the train to the RER C at the San Michelle metro and from there until Versailles I just relaxed and watched out the window at the familiar Paris landscape. It brought back memories of my first train ride when everything had seemed so strange and foreign - this time it was all so familiar and much easier. I heaved my luggage out of the train at Versailles Rive Gouche and walked out of the station just as the bus was arriving. I already had several tickets with me so I could just step in. The drive along main street was wonderful and I was reminded of just how much I had grown fond of Versailles. The market, the pattiseries, the people on bikes, the flowers in pots on the windows, the little cars and little streets. I had a short walk from the bus stop to the house where I was warmly greeted by the family I am staying with. I had missed them all very much during my month home and it is wonderful now to be back for a time. Now I just am catching up on sleep and getting back into a routine.

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Kelly said...

Thanks for posting this. God bless, hope to talk to you again soon! :D