Friday, June 5

A quick portfolio update

I put together this portfolio slideshow very quickly the other day. Eventually I will get a better one together. Most of the art contained in the video I have already had on my blog at one point or another so it should be rather familiar to many of you. I hope you enjoy it!


clairity said...

Beautifully done! I posted it to my blog:

It was so great to be with you!


ganchi said...

just so you know, it says "portaits" in stead of "portraits".
Beautiful work!

Shelle Belle said...

Wow, MK, that was awesome! I love seeing all of you lovely works of art. I miss you!

Shelle Belle

RAnn said...

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Dawn said...

I saw your portfolio over at Studeo. Such beautiful work. Really amazing. Thank you for sharing.