Monday, June 22

Collection of resources that I use daily

Here is a collection of websites that I use daily - especially when I am going over the daily readings for the mass in French. I have the french 'Magnificat' with me at mass, but first I spend some time in the morning with the readings online in French and English:

English for mass readings : catholic calender
French Bible online : La Bible en ligne

Meanwhile I have two translation pages open (one for whole phrases and one for individual words). Translation website :

Here is a good site that I reference for grammer topics :

And last but not least is the google webpage translation tool :
You copy and paste the url into the box under 'translate a webpage' and then select the language. This comes in very handy when I am trying to find information from a French site and I have a difficult time navigating around.

I don't imagine that many of you will find this very relevent for your lives but it has been very helpful for me and hopefully it will interest at least some of you.

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ganchi said...

and is the best multi-language dictionary on the web!