Monday, January 5

Midnight Mass at Holy Cross

Friends and family came together to decorate our parish* for the midnight mass. We lit everything with only candle-light and back lighting from the stained-glass windows - we has about a 1000 candles. We spent a few days making cedar garlands and wreaths from trees from our property. We had candles everywhere - hanging, suspended from the ceiling, in window sills, and everywhere we could put them. We also put 3 live cedar trees up front. I found yards of gorgeous fabric at a bargain $30 (fabric cascades down both sides from the cross). Parishioners donated 30 poinsettia plants which added so much color. It is amazing how much lighting can change the whole feel of a place and the feel of the atmosphere at midnight was one of wonder, awe, and reverence.

* Many families who live near the monastery are parishoners at Holy Cross Parish.
**Added photo at reader's request ;-)


Rebekah said...

So, like, completely unrelated, but are you still thinking about coming to Paris this spring?

Tommy said...

Mk, I was wondering if you could possibly show pictures of those candelabra you made? From the pictures it looks like it was amazing.