Saturday, March 1

Local Farming Resources

See the new website with updated information on the Tahlequah Farmers Market:

I am so excited! Today was spent on the edge of my seat as I listened to speaker after speaker at the Market Gardening Seminar at the Northeast Techonology Center. The main theme was farmers markets and I am most excited about the farmers market that will be starting up this spring in Tahlequah! Here are some of the excellent resources I gleaned from the seminar:

Kerr Center (For Sustainable Agriculture) Calendar of events
Oklahoma Food Co-op Tahlequah Route
Cherry Street Market : One of the most succesful farmer's markets
Three Springs Farm: The young couple that run this farm were really fun to listen to as they shared how they operate their 4-acre farm using all natural and sustainable methods. They sell at the Cherry Street Farmer's market and I hope to visit their farm to see how they run such a beautiful farm all by themselves!

I hope to sell at the Tahlequah Farmers Market but I will also have so much fun visiting the other farmers markets in the area. Local food tastes so much better! And it is so healthy!


See listings of local farms! : Local Harvest


UPCOMING CONFERENCE with JOEL SALATIN! Norman OK, March 28th and 29th.

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