Wednesday, March 26

Beautiful Graphics on the Monks of Clear Creek Monastery

A Must See: Amazing video on Clear Creek Monastery by Tulsa World (a slideshow with audio of Fr. Prior, Fr. Bethel, and Mr. Carpenter ... at least those are the only voices I recognize)

See Also: Multimedia web-page on CC Monastery by Tulsa World


Your Aloha Friend said...

How exciting it is to hear the bells, the monk's chanting, tractors, even the sounds of milk hitting the pail at Clear Creek Monastery! Three cheers for technology and for the meditative piece put together by Tulsa World!
Thanks for the link, Michaela. Love, Grandma V.

Kelly B said...

Wasn't that gorgeous!?! It really captures the essence of Clear Creek. But one mystery remains - in the best photo, of the monk catching the football, the caption explains that it was thrown by "a child from a local family." Hmmmm... who threw the football and so made for an iconic photograph??