Thursday, March 15

Planting veggies and taters

It felt really good to roll up my sleeves and get a little dirty planting potatoes. I think in all 8 rows were planted today and each row was about 50 ft long. Most of the family was outside working early: Gemma was planting carrots and lettuce, David and Dad were constructing the chicken brooder (about 300 chicks are arriving in a few weeks), mom was organizing stuff in the boxcar, Tommy was pushing Rosie around in the stroller, Joey was stopping up holes in the boxcar for wasp prevention, and Kateri and I were planting potatoes. The sun was shining very warm for most of the day and at one point I lay down right there in the dirt and just soaked in the sunlight ... it felt so good. Kateri helped me plant the taters by placing the small wedges of the seed potatoes (one every foot) in the canal I was digging . After a row or two she decided she would rather play with Nutmeg - our adopted baby girl goat. She and Nutmeg are best buds and they play together for much of the day. After lunch Joey and I together finished the last of the rows and now we are just hoping for a little rain tonight so we won't have to go out and water the seeds tomorrow.

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