Friday, March 9

New baby oberhasli goats

I walked out this morning with a bucket of grain to move our oberhasli dairy goats out to pasture. The goats know the routine very well - they follow me from their night shelter to the pasture and when we get there they get grain. So I opened the gate to let the goats out and I noticed that "Ari" (one of our two pregnant does) was not looking nearly so "round". I looked again and everything about her seemed just fine (I was a little puzzled) and then I heard a little bleat and looked just behind her. There was the cutest little fuzzy goat ever! The Oberhasli kids look so different than the boar goat kids. I was shocked since I was not expecting to see the babies yet and everything had gone so smoothly. I ran back into the house to tell the good news and bring new on-lookers to enjoy the spectacle. I found the other baby goat still inside the shelter and brought it out with it's brother (both turned out to be boys). Our other goat "Teeka" is expecting her babies at the beginning of April and hopefully she will have at least one girl. But even that does not matter so much now since I am so thankful for healthy baby goats and a healthy mamma.

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Kelly B said...

Your new photos are soooooo adorable! They really brought back memories of our two goat mamas and their babies - there's nothing more cuddly than a newborn Oberhasli! Hope everyone (four- and two-legged) is happy and healthy!