Thursday, December 28

Special Visitors

Here is a picture I took a few days ago of one of the many large flocks of birds that can be seen often during this time of year. At the time I had finished milking one goat and was about to walk the next goat over to the milking station when I saw the flock flying over our house. So I ran into the house to get my camera as quickly as possible. The birds had landed in our central pasture and when I had come too close for their comfort they all took flight ... my camera was ready.
Today the monks came to our property on their weekly walk . We met them halfway across our 220 acres and had such a great time talking to them and answering their many questions. They especially enjoy talking to my little sister and petting our dogs. We escorted them to the end of our driveway and waved goodbye. Having them over is such a rare treat but we always look forward to when we can have them here again.


Disciple said...

Funny how it looks like the jet (whose trail is in the photo) has just ploughed through the birds!
Did you have a white Christmas, with snow?

kelly b said...

Another great picture! Thank you so much, Michaela, it was so great to see you and everybody else at Christmas. Keep posting!