Sunday, December 3

Our first snow fall of winter 2006!

Here are a few pictures of the first snow fall here in CC this winter. Snow is just so beautiful! I wish there was a way to capture the way it sparkles in the sunlight like so many diamonds ...
Only a week or so until we hit the one year anniversary of actually moving onto our property. I remember driving to our house that first day almost a year ago and seeing snow melting away in small patches along the road - so I guess the weather is right on schedule. We did have fun in the snow (sorry I don't have any pictures to prove) - Tom and Kateri built a snowman, Joe and Tommy had a mini snow fight, even mom had fun sharing how she loved trying to find the deepest drift of snow and make her foot print in it. As for me ... I love walking (or running where I can) through the snow and finding the most beautiful places to look at the winter landscape (and take pictures if I have my camera with me). Maybe next snowfall we will have a sled ready and I would enjoy putting that to use!

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Ria said...

I keep wishing I had the camera outside with me when I'm outside in the snow. It's so beautiful!!!