Friday, November 10

Sunrise, Sunset, and what happened in-between

Yesterday Gem and I woke early to finish our routine farm chores so we could head to Tulsa with enough time to accomplish our list of errands. I was walking down the stairs to get breakfast cooking when I looked out the sliding door window and saw the beautiful sunrise coming through the morning fog down in the pecan grove. I just had to take a little extra time to get the camera and take a few pictures.
Once we finally were out the door we headed in the direction of Gilcrease Museum where the homeschoolers of Tulsa were having a mini field trip of the special exhibit of the artist John James Audubon (a naturalist who devoted much of his life to drawing the birds of America). As an artist I did enjoy learning about his life and his art, however his style is very detailed and flat and I love art that almost emerges from the frame because it is so dynamic (detail does not matter so much to me). I knew that some of my favorite artist’s painting were in another part of the museum so as soon as we could, Gem and I split for the back gallery. We spent a few hours walking through the many rooms examining and talking about the different art pieces displayed. Gem is also very artistic and so together we were almost bubbling over (in hushed voices of course) with how funny one piece was, or how amazing another was, etc.
After the museum we spent a few hours at one of our favorite thrift stores looking for white clothing which we needed for our next stop : our bee-teachers bee yard (for another little field trip). For those who are wondering - Gem and I are taking an 8 week bee keeping class in Tulsa (we plan to start our first hive in the spring). Since bees strongly dislike dark colors we were instructed to come wearing white clothing.
Rich (our bee teacher) keeps bees in his backyard in a very simple open shed like structure. He led our small party of 6 students (all equipped with white clothes and the all important "bee hat") to his hives and demonstrated opening and checking the hives. He pulled out many of the frames (which were covered with bees) and allowed us to hold them and examine the tiny cells. I readily admit that I was a little nervous about holding something covered with bees but I had nothing to fear since the bees were very calm. Rich's wife sent us home with candy she had made using the honey from their bee hives. It was delicious .... certainly a nice incentive.
The sun was setting on downtown Tulsa as we drove home. The colors of the sunset reflecting off the buildings brought back the memory of my last day in San Diego: It was less than a year ago (for my birthday) my parents and I watched the sun as it was setting on downtown and the lights of the city began to appear like fire-flies that come out at dusk.

Gem riding out to our barn to feed the goats


Lyric_Wanderer said...

That shot of the sunset is absolutely incredible Michaela! Wow.

mystical_rose84 said...

Thanks! There are plenty more sunsets and sunrises where that picture came from. Hmmm... just waiting for another photographer to come and capture them =)