Saturday, November 11

Do you have an ear for music?

Though I have a great appreciation for music, I readily admit that music is not one of my strong areas. Music (that is good music) is very important for the development of the brain. I have listened with great interest to Andrew Pudewa's 'The Profound Effects of Music on Life' in which he highlights research regarding the profound neurological benefits of playing a musical instrument at a young age and the advantages of having the right kind of music in the child's environment (I guess it is too late for me ;-). What we listen to also has a big impact on us. My friend has a great post from awhile back which he explores what part music should play in one's life. The main reason that I wanted to create this post is to share a fun music test which I found via The Dawn Patrol. It was apparently developed by Harvard Medical School researchers to test one's ear for music. I am embarrassed to say I only scored 66.7% on the test (it was my little humility pill for the day), but I hope that in the future when life slows down a bit (if it ever does) I can 'up' those scores by picking up an instrument and playing around with my bro David (who I am sure if he took the test would be up somewhere between 90 and 100%).
So without further ado, here is the test : Free online music test


Anonymous said...

Hey, MK!
I know I'd promised to post something. I don't have any original or insightful comments about music, but if this music test can convince you to pick up and stick to a musical instrument, it'll be more than I can do!
Love you, MK

Anonymous said...

Hi MK!
Long time, no see or hear! I actually scored pretty close to 75% on this music test (72.2), I am proud to say. I hope everything is great with your family and maybe I'll get around to calling you soon. Pray for me. I have finals coming up in two weeks. One of them is already over, and it was my businesss presentation. I got to give a formal speech in front of my class, and my teacher, Dr. Connolly, who, by the way, is the President of JPCatholic. Talk about nerv racking. He told me after class that he was proud of me and that I did a good job. Anyways, thanks for the free music test and I hope to talk to you soon.
P.S. By the way:
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Michaelaaaaa, Happy Birthday to you. And many moooooore......

mystical_rose84 said...

Thanks Andrea =) It's not even quite my birthday yet and already I am getting my "favorite" song sung to me (lol). And congratulations on the successful presentation ... I will continue to pray for you and that your finals go well :)
Hi BAGEL! Can't wait to talk with you soon! =)

Patrick O'Hannigan said...

Hi Michaela,

Thanks for the pointer to this. I like "Dawn Patrol" too. And you picked a wonderful illustration for the post. My score was 75%. Playing Christmas carols on my harmonica in the car probably didn't hurt. I'm in a musical mood today. All best to you and yours on this Second Day of Christmas!