Thursday, October 26

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Why the country?
Well here are a few visual reasons you might enjoy.
Don't worry - River does get attention too.
Close-up: calves checking out the camera
It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas - it is Fall!


arlawless said...

I agree -- Fall is the most wonderful time of year. My brother always said that the best time to visit him in Boston was in mid-October, and boy was he right! One of the best parts of our trip was experiencing true Autumn. The colors of the foliage and the crisp, cool weather were just so beautiful. I couldn't get enough.

What a beautiful picture on your poster, by the way! I love it. (Wow, those "puppies" sure have grown!!) And River's as cute as ever. Labs're the best. (Not that I'm biased or anything. :-)

Rich said...

MK, this is off topic, but check out this site. I think you may find it useful.

God bless,
Richard Ryan

Rich said...

Oops, sorry, here is the URL:

Disciple said...


Disciple said...

You've got a great eye for photography.

Disciple said...

I like Rome too. I've got about a thousand photos of the place- quite laborious to label.
While we’re on the subject……
When I transfer photos to my computer, I keep them in “My Pictures” and label them in the “properties” i.e. titles, comments etc (I don’t use any programmes anymore since, if you do it through a special programme, you can’t be sure where the photos are saved on the computer, and no programme offers everything I want).
Well, my question is: Is there a programme which will allow me to make a slideshow DVD whereby the titles in the “properties” will be visible so that I don’t have to type in the title again for each photo?
In Windows Media Centre, if I show a slideshow, the titles do show up but there is no means of making DVD.
I’m not very articulate or coherent so, if nobody knows what I’m ranting on about, ignore the comment.

mystical_rose84 said...

I think I know what you are talking about but I have almost zero knowledge of making DVD's - When you find an answer please let me know. When I get to Rome someday I plan on taking a couple thousand pictures (lol)