Thursday, February 2


Hey there! said...

Oh Michaela!! That was SO incredibly beautiful!! I announced that I was reading your birth story and was immediately implored by all the young women in this household to read it out loud. They said, "we feel like a good Momma/baby story!" So I read it out loud, choking up and having to stop and compose myself several times throughout the story, laughing with the rest of the ladies through the ending and just awwahing and awwahing over the pictures with the rest of the girls, finally turning away with deep sighs and big smiles. :) You made our day-our week even! What a beautiful attribute you are to the wonderful title of Mommy-hood!! :)

BIG congrats on creating such an adorably perfect little person and being such wonderful, caring, sweet, loving parents Michaela and Jeremiah!! :'-)

Thank you SO much for sharing that Michaela! My heart is still warm from the read.

Still smiling and sighing and EAGERLY awaiting part two!!! :)

Mary and the other Lund ladies :D

Marina said...

Dear Michaela,
I have been thinking about you for a few months now and just recently got back on blogger. the last I knew of you was when you went to France. Imagine my surprise when I found that you are a wife and mother! How wonderful. It must have been so terrible in the beginning as the seriousness of your son's condition became apparent. What a wonderful blessing and joy to have such a miracle in your life. Every time I see a NICU graduate come in to where I work, I think "if you were born 100 years ago, you wouldn't be alive to today." Modern medicine is good for some things after all. =)

And I had to laugh when you mentioned your extra wide wheelchair. we have such a one at work, and every time it is the only one I can find for a 60 pound kid I always think, "well, at least their mom can sit with them."

Thanks for sharing your amazing story.