Tuesday, September 14

Natural Building in Clear Creek

I am back from a workshop in Oregon and ready to begin putting our Oklahoma dirt to work. My friend and I will be building a small cob cottage using the local resources we have around our area ... dirt, sand, straw, and lots of rocks. We also have a large forest of cedar trees which will be used primarily for the rafters and roofing. For those not familiar with cob, it is similar to adobe. Click here to learn more about Cob

course at the Cob Cottage Company in Oregon. Here is a picture of one of the example buildings -- super cute!

I plan to post our progress and share the joy of building with our hands.

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Kelly said...

Whoa! That's pretty awesome! So that's what you guys were doing up there in Oregon.

PS Call me, I wanna hear all about it (and you!) ;-)