Sunday, April 5

Chartres Pilgrimage - 2009

This is so cool and I am hoping to go myself if I can work it out.

From the official pilgrimage site :

The Association “Notre-Dame de Chrétienté” organizes every year at Pentecost a pilgrimage from Notre-Dame de Paris to Notre-Dame de Chartres (France): three days to live and build the Christianity of the third millennium. Covering within three days a distance of approximately 65 miles, the pilgrims walk in chapters. The pilgrimage has about 150 chapters each comprising around fifty pilgrims from all over France and even abroad (USA, Great Britain, Poland, Canada, Spain, etc. ...). Each year, approximately 8,000 to 10,000 pilgrims, walk to the Marian shrine of Chartres, expressing the condition of Christian life which is to be a long pilgrimage and a long walk to paradise...

Check out this photo gallery from the 2008 pilgrimage.

And for fun here is a short video one of the pilgrims put together.

After walking across the United States with Crossroads I would be so excited to get to do this walk in France! God's will be done.

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Ben Trovato said...

We're going from the UK: myself and two of my kids (aged 12 & 10). The 12 year old has done it once before, but it'll be the 10-year-old's first time.

Well worth it, if you can make it: a fantastic experience!