Monday, March 9

Celtic Spring Band in Pryor OK

Celtic Spring is an amazing family who do irish dance and irish music ... and often at the same time. They are preforming at the Pryor High School in Pryor OK on March 17th at 6:45pm, and I am so excited to be able to see a live performance of theirs! I know of the Elizabeth and her family through Thomas Aquinas College and common friends there. See Celtic Spring Band Tours Tickets are now sold out.

To see a performance : check out this youtube

From the Celtic Spring website : Celtic Spring. A burst of energy. Driving music. Riveting dancing. Youthful exuberance. Unparalleled talent all in one family.
Celtic Spring is six siblings who play the fiddle and step-dance, backed by their mom on the keyboard and their dad on percussion.

Celtic Spring is: Elizabeth (23)-fiddle, step dance, octave fiddle

Deirdre (21)-fiddle, step dance, vocal
Sean (19)-octave mandolin, fiddle, step dance, octave fiddle
Patrick (17)-octave fiddle, fiddle, step dance
Maire (13)-fiddle, step dance
Aidan (8)-step dance, fiddle
Mary (mom) keyboards
Greg (dad)-bodhran, percussion

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Mary Catherine said...



OH my gosh I'm so excited.

You have no idea.

(the chicks have an idea, though, they're very confused about what all the yelling is about.)

I saw them five years ago, when Maire was eight and the youngest dancer. I am SO EXCITED!!!!!! OH MY GOSH I'm so excited!!!!

Seriously. You have no idea.