Tuesday, October 16

My Friends in Europe

So many of my friends are either in Europe or have been there in the past and I just can't wait for my turn! So check out their travel blog!


Ria said...

I know exactly how you feel, one of my closest friends just left for Vienna, Germany and Paris, and another will next week. And another (although I don't know him quite as well) is spending a symmester in England with sidetrips to places like Dublin, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, and Athens!

I can't wait to go (:

Angela said...

hey michaela what is your email adress? liz wants it. say hi to every body over there for me!

Patricia said...

Can i have ur email address too?


MK said...

sure it is mystical_rose84 at yahoo.com

Angela said...

Thanks! Expect an email from liz soon.

Mary Catherine said...

Hey Michaela, I just found this blog, and I thought you'd like it. http://church-ladies.blogspot.com/

I'm coming up to Clear Creek on Wednesday and leaving on Monday morning. Will I get to see you?