Saturday, July 28

The Monk and the Murderer

Here is the article (it may take some time to upload) :

A recent article from the Catholic World Report features one of the dear monks from the monastery here : Br. Vianney Marie. As a community we had been asked to pray for this man in jail that Br. Vianney Marie was writing letters to but it was not until I read this whole article that I realized how amazing and providential this man's last minute conversion was! My younger brother who is 10 yrs old absolutly loves Br. Vianney Marie and often helps him with odds and ends after mass during the week and from what I hear afterwards Br. Vianney Marie has quite a bit of humor. One of my favorite parts of the article is this:
"You have a contemplative order whose purpose is just prayer and not ministry, but there's an overflow into the world. Most of it is invisible, in souls. Once in a while, God lifts the corner of the veil, and you see how it works." - Fr. Pior
I believe that this is just the beginnings of amazing things to happen because of Clear Creek Monastery! I love our monks!


Rebekah said...

Wow, that was really moving. Thank you for sharing.

Kelly B said...

I saw that article! What an amazing story. Our monks are too good.