Saturday, June 23

Flood Waters in CC

On our way to high mass at the monastery we drove over a slightly flooded low water bridge and listened as all during mass the rain hammered on the metal roof of the chapel and the thunder shook the walls. On our return home only a few hours later not only the bridge but that whole segment of road was completely under a fast rushing current of brown foaming water. We travelled home by a different road which was much longer and ended up helping some others who were unable to get through a different flooded low water bridge that we could get through with our excursion. Later in the day we returned to the first bridge to take these pictures and already the water had lowered quite a bit. This river where we are standing is upstream just a little from where it flows right by the monastery.


Mary Lou said...

Wow! I'm okay with having missed that OK experience!

cmlynch1 said...

I don't think I've ever seen that much water in my life! (apart from the pacific ocean) I agree with the previous poster -- I'm glad I missed it.