Saturday, April 14

New goats - new trailer - new oberhasli - new calf - and more of the same; but "new"

I have had no shortage of material for a blog posts but only a shortage of time with which to put everything into words. We purchased 103 Boer goats from ranch about 30 min north of us called WW Boer Goat Ranch. This is the first big step in turning what has been more of a hobby into a business venture! We are excited about following a special health program provided by Frank Willis (the owner of WW Boer Goats) which should keep the goats in healthy condition without the use of strong chemical wormers. So far we have already had 4 baby goats!

Teka – one of our Oberhasli dairy goats just had her baby a few days ago. I just happened to step into the scene minutes before the baby made its grand entrance. It was awesome – the whole birth was beautiful, smooth, and everything was just perfect!

Our first calf ever to be born on Vita Bella Ranch! He is really quite cute. And as David and Joey put it “Steak dinner for 2008” (they are so single focused).
Just today Dad drove home our new mammoth trailer which will be used to haul BIG things like lumber, tractors, and any other BIG thing we might need to move from one place to another. Another BIG step in our ranching endeavors.

We moved our baby chicks out onto pasture a few days ago. Here are pictures of my younger siblings and some of our friends moving the chicks from the brooder to a small hoop house which is being used to transport the small birds to their portable pasture pens.

There is so much more but it will have to wait till I have more time ...


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goats, I hope he sold you better goats than he sold me. I was sold overlly wormy, sick goats with questionable registration papers non the less. I am very much into holistic care etc, but I had to hit them hard with chemical wormers under vet supervision at first to get them close to health. I Now follow my own natural protocols.

a said...

i also had the same experience as the other post. i had lost 12 goats with in a few days of delivry. all the goats that came from Frank had terrible worms (with other issues) and we also had to treat with major chemical wormers to bring them back to health. I told Frank that we had goats all ready on the place and never had a problem with them, he never really had a answer for me and stopped taking my calls. now we are also back to our own natural care and doing just fine. Hope yall succeed well with your goats.