Friday, January 26

Some pictures from Ice Storm '07

We now have our electricity back. I am glad in some ways, but in another sense the time we had without power really brought our family even closer and we spent more time enjoying each others company. I learned how to cook almost everything we ate on a barbeque and I learned first-hand about delivering baby goats at night using a flashlight. There are many neat stories that I want to share but I don't have time now. I will have to do a more in depth post later about our Ice Storm 2007 but for now enjoy some of the pictures and know that life on Vita Bella Ranch is back to normal (if there is such thing as "normal" around here).

Here is a picture for those who are partial (and that includes me) to our beautiful Pyreneese "pups" : Caelo and Terra.


Kelly B said...

Thanks for the new post, Michaela, I had no idea the power was off for that long! I'm sure you have some great tales and photos for future posts -

R Ryan said...

Hey! the sales pitch I got was that if you move to OK, you can put brutal Northern winters behind you.

These pictures looks like they could have been taken in my backyard!

What ever happened to truth in adverstising??!! ;-)